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Chiropractic is a non-invasive, natural form of health care that focuses on the health and function of the entire body, paying particular attention to the spinal column and its’ related structures.

Your spinal column is a series of moveable bones extending from your skull to your hips. These bones, which are held together by muscles, tendons, and ligaments, serve to support your body, allow movement, and protect your nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Your nervous system is designed to maintain the optimal health of your body through careful monitoring and control of all your body’s cells, tissues, and organs.

Accidents, falls, stress, tension, and countless other factors can result in displacement and derangement of your spinal column. This alteration can produce spinal pain, decreased mobility, and decreased organ function due to a reduction in the flow of nerve impulses to your respective organs.

Chiropractic adjustments help your body achieve and maintain optimal health by eliminating spinal displacement and derangement; thus, allowing your body to move more comfortably and function more efficiently.


Stretch & Rehab Room

At Houlgrave Chiropractic, we recognize the importance of patients being actively involved in their own health care, and we encourage it! We have one treatment room specifically dedicated for stretching, relaxation, hot/cold therapy, cervical traction, and lower back rehabilitation.

Our office is equipped with frozen gel cold packs, microwavable hot packs, a stretching mat, a foam body roller, a wall mounted adjustable cervical traction unit, and a Pettibon Wobble Chair for lumbar disc and spinal rehabilitation. All of our staff are well trained with how to correctly use each piece of equipment.


Custom Orthotics

70% of people think that foot pain is normal – it’s not! Abnormal foot mechanics result in improper transfer of body weight with movement. Improper transfer of body weight with movement can produce excessive stress on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine. Custom orthotics work on your feet much like glasses work on your eyes – they reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment.

To prescribe the correct custom foot orthotic to suit your needs, Dr. Houlgrave evaluates your feet with the assistance of The Orthotic Group (TOG) computerized gait analysis system. Through TOG and Precision Impression Foam Casting, Dr. Houlgrave is able to offer a wide variety of custom orthotics, sandals, and footwear to suit all of your needs. To find out more about The Orthotic Group and their products, check out their website at www.theorthoticgroup.com.

Custom foot orthotics are covered by most extended health plans, but you should verify the coverage and the requirements of your health plan.


Chiro-Flow Pillows

Chiro-flow Premium Water Filled Pillows are designed to provide great support for your head and neck while you sleep. Adjusting the amount of water in the pillow allows you to customize the pillow to accommodate the needs of your head and neck.

Clinically proven to improve sleep quality & reduce neck pain


Fall asleep faster and wake up less during the night

Rejuvenates skin and reverses the negative effects of fatigue