From an anatomical perspective, your neck is constantly being taxed. It’s job is extremely demanding – it needs to support the weight of your head (which for most people is between 9 to 12 pounds), protect your nervous system, provide you with mobility so that you can see virtually 360 degrees, and coordinate a multitude of muscles, tendons and ligaments to perform these activities with grace and without injury. With all this in mind, it makes you feel a little bit like a Bobblehead – vulnerable.

Great mobility comes at a cost. For your neck to have great mobility it must sacrifice strength and stability. The combination of decreased strength and stability makes your neck vulnerable to injury. This vulnerability is the reason why two-thirds of the population will experience neck pain at some point in their lives.

Most causes of neck pain are not serious and are mechanical in nature. Whiplash, contact sports, sudden movements, and chronic poor posture can all contribute to spinal trauma. This trauma may result in joint sprain, muscle and tendon strain, muscle spasms, headaches, fracture, joint degeneration, and even pinching or irritation of nerves. Neck pain may also arise for many other reasons like heart problems, stress, emotional tension, infection, cancer, and much more.

Neck pain is not restricted solely to the neck region. Through the irritation of muscles and nerves, some neck pain can produce symptoms in the eye, head, jaw, chest, upper back, organs of the body, and throughout all of your limbs including your legs. If you are experiencing neck pain or any of the issues described in this article, schedule an appointment with your Comox Chiropractor Dr. Houlgrave, he can help diagnose your problem and get you on the road to recovery.